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“Religious beliefs should not be the basis of politics, facts and evidence should!”
The party exists to represent those who do not want to have to deal with the old established parties for political representation. The Internet shall be used as the main means of communication for the party. We believe everyone has the right to representation regardless of their religious background, where they live or how much they earn. We believe in full transparency with all our Accounts to be made publicly available online.
We felt that the mainstream parties were not catering for all, all the current parties are still in our minds, associated with the troubles, we are not trying to erase the troubles or pretend they never happened but we believe as part of moving on we need to get away from the tribalism that today’s parties were built on.
We believe that in Northern Ireland although there is peace, there needs to be progress, the current one party coalition with a green and orange wing is not democracy for all the people. We are a Post Peace Process Party
We want to give voices to those who have been silent.
We stand up for environmental issues, we have to live here so we have to take care of here. The party consists of people working and collaborating together for the betterment of all.
Ensure freedom of information. Provide information and let people make up their own mind without the filter of outside interests.
We believe that everyone has the right to a life free from interference and fear. We would insist that searches of private property should only be done with strong reasonable suspicion of a serious criminal offense. Personal rights for your own property should be strengthened in favour of the home owner. Strengthen the right of the individual in cases of trespassing in favour of home owner.
We believe our society has moved on but the structures and parties which govern us haven’t, they are still entrenched in bunker siege mentality from the past.
We believe far too often, that not enough people are aware of issues until it is too late to act. We aim to inform people of the issues that will affect them before they happen, and through effective lobbying and representation can attempt to influence or steer decisions to benefit all.
We believe in collective working arrangements and collaboration. We believe all citizens have the right to the same opportunities.We aim to ensure the most vulnerable in our communities are taken care of.
Aim to provide a scrutiny of political activities and ensure all decisions are taken in the best interests of all people in the area.
We believe that first time buyers should be massively incentivised and bound to a property. We strongly promote a digital economy and telepresence work.
We believe in a fully supported integrated education. Segregation has been shown to not work and it has no place in the 21st century. People in this century are connected worldwide and in tune with the zeitgeist, the old structures and dogmas need developed and challenged.
We will let others deal with the past we want to concentrate on the present and the future
Call for a proper system of fines for environmental vandalism at present the fine system is severely inadequate. We pride ourselves on saying we have a beautiful clean fertile land yet self-interests intentionally damage our river and lands due to minimal fines. We want to be known for having very strict rules and penalties for protecting our countryside. We want excessive fine and deterrents for minor and major environmental vandalism.
We want to talk about issues that others avoid. We are willing to listen to all not just party members. We will help all those who we can, we won’t demand a vote but we will ask you to consider us based on merit. We won’t check the electoral register before we help you, we will never assume your support we ask you to give it freely. We shall assume in all decisions there are implications that affect people and areas that are not easily quantified. We will remember to put people first.
We believe town centres are changing, the old model of the town being the shopping hub is dead. Market forces and the Internet have forced a need to rethink our town centers as civic shared open spaces rather than just purely commercial interests being maintained.
We believe a system of government is necessary. It is only effective if it is fully transparent and ran for the benefit of all. We believe in our rivers lakes mountains fields and roads. We fully support more activities and arts development celebrations and festivals
Promotion of renewable energy. Retraining of skill for green renewables. Export solar and wind units and cannabis industries. Try to collectively create work or industry ensure access to labour market.
As an organisation that primarily seeks to represent all Consumers Growers and advocates of Cannabis in Northern Ireland. Cista recognises the current legal status regarding any hemp plant containing any more than .02% T.H.C. and feels it right to challenge this law based on information and evidence. Moreover, Cista asserts the right of all the people in Northern Ireland to access Cannabis as a non-toxic alternative/complement to current pharmaceutical medicine, and its use as a social/recreational aid, bearing in mind the particular problems caused legal Pharmaceuticals Legal Highs and Alcohol. Cista advocates a shift from a criminal issue to a health issue regarding Cannabis. Cista stands for harm reduction Accordingly, Cista will be governed by the basic principle that every Member in Northern Ireland should have an equal influence in the running of the organisation. Furthermore, all members of Cista are committed to the development and success of Northern Ireland.